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I don't know lol

Tribal_Miner a posted Sep 13, 13
This guy added me on Skype telling me something about $800,000.
I decided to do a background check, believing this guy was a troll. 
Turns out he works for a real banking company. His Skype location was set at Togo, and it so happens the bank has a Togo branch. 
The address in the email, when putting it through google maps brang me to multiple streets in Niger. Though he was supposed to be located in Tobo, there was also a Niger branch for the bank. 
Sadly, I couldn't find a staff list to see if Anthony Peters was a real worker at the bank.

So, he's either an extremely amazing troll, or this niqqa is serious. 

Edit ~
My friend and I started to mess with him, he said he'd prefer to talk over email instead of Skype. My friend composed this message.
Dear Mr Peters,

It has come to the attention of the members of our company that you do not wish to speak with us.
That is fine, but do know this, if you want your sum of $800,000, You will join a call with us, as none of us wish to speak over a in-secure connection such as Yahoo.
I have sent to a request on Skype to allow you to speak with us.
If you call us, there is a possibility that our contract may still be retained.
But if you do not add and call us in the next 15 minutes, the contract with be ripped, shredded and then burnt.
In case you have lost the request, my Skype Name is "lol you're not getting my friend's skype" without the quotation marks.
You have been warned. If you do not heed this warning and knowingly abandon the contract. We will send a debt collector to your home to collect the appropriate amount of money.
It is your choice, Mr Peters. I would suggest you speak with us.

Yours truly,
you're not getting his name.


Tribal_Miner a posted May 9, 13
I haven't ranted in awhile, nor really played Minecraft.
I forgot about you guys.
I'm sorry.
14 people
I mean come on
you guys can do better


Tribal_Miner a posted Aug 10, 12
iceguy This diserves an award
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